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Bhadra Dam

The Bhadra Dam project was the irrigation scheme to be undertaken by the National Water Management Project (NWMP), with the aim of increasing agricultural prosperity, particularly for rice production.[8] The dam was built to a height of 59.13 metres (194.0 ft) (above the river bed level) between 1947 (start of construction) and 1965 (year of commissioning). It has a gross storage capacity of 2.025 km3,[5] live storage of 63.00 BCF at full reservoir level and a dead storage of 8.50 BCF at RL (reservoir level)During the storage of water in the DAM, nearly 27 Villages were submerged in the back waters of Dam. Entire Land of Gubbikere Village was under the DAM water. Governament of Karnataka, that time, shared 20 acres of Land/Forest below the Bhadra Dam project for us to cultivate by cutting the forest /trees to level of irrgation by paying Rs. 500 for developping the forest to cultivation land. Entire Village our family travelled to settle down in a Village Called Malikoppa in 1960.